Speaker Assembly

You can download the stl files from thingiverse.

Parts can be purchased at our shop.

Step 1

Check if you have everything needed:

  • Speaker Case

  • Speaker Front

  • Speaker Stand

  • Speaker

  • Dampening material

  • 4pcs M3 16mm screw

  • 4pcs M3 6mm screw

  • 6pcs M2.2 4.5 mm screw

  • Zenbu pHat

  • Microphone Cable 1mm pitch 7pin

  • Raspberry Pi Zero/W


  • Philips head screwdriver small

  • Philips head screwdriver medium

Step 1

Use four M2.2 screws to mount the Raspberry Pi Zero W inside the speaker. This can be a bit tricky and is the hardest part of the assembly. The easiest way to do this is to place all four screws into the Pi Zeros mounting holes.While holding the board on the pin header you can screw them in without the screws falling out.

Step 2

Use two M2.2 screws to loosely mount the Zenbu microphone board to the speaker case. Don't tighten them yet!

Check if the microphone board is correctly orientated. If so align the microphone board to the back on the speaker and very carefully tighten the screws.

Step 3

Connect the microphone cable to the microphone board and use the hole in the speaker case to insert the other end into the speaker case.

Step 4

Connect the microphone cable to the Zenbu baseboard. Insert the speaker into the speaker front. The speaker cable must go trough the round hole in the speaker front. Be careful to not apply any stress on the speaker cable.

Connect the speaker cable to the LS port on the Zenbu board.

Step 5

Mount the Zenbu board on the Raspberry Pi Zero W. Make sure the microphone cable is above the baseboard. Make sure the pins are correctly aligned.

Step 6

Insert the dampening material. One side should be on the left wall, the other side on the right wall. The cables should be between the two sides so they can't touch the wall.

Step 7

Insert the speaker front and the speaker at the front of the speaker case.

Step 8

Use the M3 6mm screws to attach the speaker to the speaker front

Step 9

Use the M3 16mm screws to attach the speaker front to the speaker case

Step 10

Slide the speaker stand into the socket